10th Street Edition members are selected from 10-12 grade singers in the choral program at Linn-Mar High School.  Show choir at Linn-Mar is an extra-curricular activity, thus all rehearsals occur outside of the school day.  Excellence is the essence of the choral program at Linn-Mar as evidenced by performances in both show choir and concert choir.  Many of the singers in 10th Street are also members of the Linn-Mar Chorale which appeared at the 2005 National ACDA Convention in Los Angeles, and the 2000 North Central ACDA Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.  Members of 10th Street Edition also appeared on the Linz Choral Festival in Linz, Austria, with the 2006 Linn-Mar European Tour Choir.  10th Street Edition has been Grand Champion and won caption awards for Best Vocals, Best Band, Best Choreography and Best Crew multiple times in recent years.  10th Street Edition sincerely appreciates what their choreographer, April James, has offered to help make them an outstanding show choir.  10th Street will appear in four show choir competitions this year including:  Viterbo 101, at Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Music In Motion at Mt. Pleasant High School, in Mt. Pleasant Iowa, the Great River Competition in Davenport, and MoShow at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids.

10th Street Edition

*Indicates Dance Captains

Meghann Baumann    
*Kelly Diggins  
Samantha Douglas     
Kelsey Madsen     
Melanie Marzen     
Katie Mc Neil     
Sammy Ryan     
Sarah Schneider     
Kari Sindelar     
Leah Washburn     
Kelsey Burns
*Emma Drtina
Mallory Engle
Jessica Gofforth
Erin Hodge
Jessica Mallow
Ashlee Richardson
Jayna Shetterly
Courtney Steggall
Bette Wiebke
Chelsea Zigtema

*Jeff Clark    
Greg Duncan     
*David Hoobler    
Jake Kircher      
Nick Lockhart     
Dade McBrayer     
Ben McCarty     
DiAndre Neville     
Justin Strauser     
Kevin Williams     
Zach Bark
Adam Craig
Nolan Greiter
Ryan Helling
Dan Hunting
Charles Hwang
Charles Kirpes
Mike Lancaster
Mike Peiffer
Mitch Strouf
BJ Vogt

10th Street Edition Band

Kyle Moscrip – 1st     
Keith Buck – 2nd
Michelle Goldberg – 2nd      
Emily Feldkamp – 3rd     
Andrew Martin – 3rd

Rachel Folkerts – 1st        
Michael Kirk – 2nd    

Alto Sax      
Ashley Atkinson and clarinet     
Nolan Schroeder

Tenor Sax      
Alex Buck            

Baritone Sax
Meredith Porter

Kareen Kephart 

Lead Guitar     
Eric Haberkorn

Rhythm Guitar
Pete Leahy

Bass Guitar
Brian Robison    

Trap Set
Mike Thomas

Auxiliary Percussion
Abby David
Sarah Standley

10th Street Edition Crew

Lindsey Meyer – Captain
Hilary Hershner
Bree Jones
Lydia Jorgenson
Kayley Law
Alycia Lee
Sarah Malerich
Ellen Meeker
Sarah Patterson
Melissa Veal